(Video) Instead of Tossing Out Old Drill Bits, Try This Instead!

drill bit

Prepare for a great tutorial, where you can create beautiful knives from drill bits! It may sound incredible but it is true!

Admittedly, this guy appears to be an expert. He also appears to have the time and patience of a saint!

But we do love what he did with those drill bits, the very idea that he thought of making whittling knives from them at all is amazing. And why not? With the right equipment and motivation we feel this man – and others likewise talented – could probably think about making all form of weapons.

Learning to hunt, fish, and prep in so many others ways is important but never discount creativity and the magic of incredibly great forging!


  1. Jeff Russell said:

    Problem I see is edge retention. The fact that the bits are china steel unless you only buy the good old bits from the 40’s-60’s.

  2. Wayne Long said:

    Why not sharpen them and reuse them. It only takes a few seconds??

  3. David Flud said:

    if you anneal them and temper them properly they might be alright for whittling knives