(Video) In Order to Stay Alive, There are 3 Rules to Follow to Become the Ultimate Gray Man

hidden faceless grey man

There is most definitely something to be said for not drawing attention to yourself during a SHTF situation. Sadly, there are men and women out there, during such a crunch, that will want to take advantage of anyone they remember having an upper hand when a crisis hits.

If you advertise to everyone that you are a prepper, if you have bumper stickers on your car proclaiming as much, and take people on tours of your well-stocked homestead, they will remember you when things go bad. For better or worse, who do you think the bad guys will go to when they are desperate?

If the populace are good people and you want to help that is one thing but there will be undesirable folks out there too. Be careful of the company you keep or you could find yourself involved in something tragic!

When the situation hits there are three very important rules to follow. This “gray man” cover will assure the livelihood of yourself and your family, protecting what you have been saving and the skills you have been honing over the months.

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  1. Steve Drennen said:

    Richard Bloomfield goes with what I was talking about this morning. Good info and food for thought.