(Video) In an Emergency, There’s a Way to Drink Dirty Water. Here’s How:


If you have to bug out for a long time, you may run out of your stockpile of water. When this happens, drinking water from a river or another water source in the wild will be necessary.

The water filter made in the video by MR Trick uses  four items and will keep you from dehydrating and make any water okay to drink!

It is amazing how well this method works for purifying dirty water. All you need is the water, a plastic bottle, some charcoal and a mix of sand and gravel. Then you make some holes in the cap of your bottle and cut off the end of your bottle.

Turn the bottle upside down then add the sand, and charcoal in layers inside the bottle. Then this mixture will filter your dirty water through the bottle and make it safe to drink. This is one item you'll want to make when living off the land during an emergency!