(Video) Impressive Hacks for Life and Survival to Learn Prior to a Collapse

life hacks staples in shoe

Some of the best hacks are the ones that are easy to learn. They rely only one or two things you may already have in your home and often take care of a problem you never really realized you had until it was solved by the hack!

Honestly, there are probably more hacks out there than we can count. Some we have tried and have been unimpressed with but then there are others that work so well you know you have to share them with your friends and family!

The video on the next page is a great demonstration of the simpler hacks out there, some you might not have heard about, and we really like them! You can do the following hacks anywhere; your kitchen, garage, bedroom … and they do not take long to do!

Go on over to the next page and check out how you can do anything from preventing yourself from slipping in the snow to stopping your cell phone screen from being scratched! Again, they may seem small things now but when a chaos situation hits you will want to know it all!

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  1. Ryan Robertson said:

    Jim McGuire need to like this page. Lots of good survival tips and tricks for your journey.