(Video) How to Successfully (and Easily) Get Clean Drinking Water From Rock Boiling


Most of us picture ourselves out in the wilderness, canteen in hand, hiking and taking in nature as man or woman should. You get a little thirsty, take a drink, and all is well.

Now picture yourself pulling out the canteen and discovering it is empty. No problem, right? After all, there is a fresh water creek nearby. All you need to do is fill-up and be on your way.

While for the most part, that is true – and quite lucky – there are things you have to consider. Even if the water is unsullied you really do not know what is happening upstream. What really is in the water you are about to drink? Think about it!

Over on the next page, we have a great way to purify that water that is natural and something any survivalist will want to know!

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