[VIDEO] How To Store Your Paracord For Quick Release

If you have spent any amount of time in a camping or survival environment, chances are you have used paracord.

Whether to string up tarp for shelter or to bind things together or even to make a simple snare, the number of uses for paracords are literally restricted only by our imaginations.

Gaining quick access to these amazing “tools” as well as storing them compactly can be an issue. Paracord bracelets can be difficult to unravel and take forever to remake.

The “Parafob,” however, is amazingly easy to make, unravel and re-tie. You can make this awesome product using literally any length of paracord (from 5′ to “You name it.”) Best of all, you can attach it to virtually anything: Zippers on knapsacks, carabiners, handles, tools, you name it.

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