(Video) How to Remove a Splinter From Underneath a Fingernail. It’s Painful But Necessary!


Splinters are painful and a little nerve-wracking to remove. Fortunately, getting a splinter wedged in one or more of your fingers is a pretty rare experience, unless you work with wood on a daily basis.

We've got a brief video for you that shows you how to remove a splinter from your finger as painlessly as possible.

This video is short and to-the-point. As you will see, all you need is a pair of sharp tweezers and a little patience.

Also, don't forget that you will also need to take good care not to embed the splinter in further.

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  1. EBT said:

    Much appreciation for all of your work on this nice page.

  2. Vasquez Daniel said:

    If I can get at the tip it’s not too bad. But a couple of times I had to wait till it festered and then pull it out and squeeze the pus out of it.

  3. Andrew Kurzym said:

    Where’s the how to part??? Obviously you get a pair of tweezers and grab it and pull…nothing new here.

  4. John Lara said:

    I work in the liquor industry and i work around broken glass all night long. The one thing I learned is to purchase a few high quality tweezers with a fine point

  5. David Schuster said:

    Soak in hot water so it expands and pushes towards the point of entry first.

  6. Rob Taylor said:

    hell at that point I just take the nail off pop splinter out and duct tape that s**t

  7. Brennon Moor said:

    B…S… There is know way. The only reason he didn’t have to go to the hospital is because it came out in one piece. It’s not like the had to split his finger nail in half then cut it down to get the rest. I almost puked from how much it hurt