(VIDEO) How to Properly Put Together an Urban Get Home Bag for a SHTF Situation

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We do a lot about survival in the wilderness in Die Hard Survivor but we also are well aware that just as much survival goes on in the big city. Actually, once the SHTF the city may be more dangerous than any wilderness situation simply because there are more people and things to contend with.

Survival Lilly has thought deep and long about an urban situation and gives us some great advice on what we should have on our city bug-out bag.

Listen carefully, because she takes note that there will be plenty of food and water stations should the grid go down or a chaos situation occurs. You might want to keep some food just in case in your bag – think about being stuck in an elevator – but there are other things that are more important.

Go over to the next page and watch this really interesting video Lilly has put together to show you what you will and will not need in your urban get home or bug-out bag!

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