(Video) How to Properly Paracord Wrap a Survival Knife


At any moment's notice, you may have to fashion a proper handle for your knife. If you've got some paracord lying around, you can make a handle for your knife with good gripping for optimal use.

Have you ever heard of the Strider weave? This video tutorial shows you just how to do it. If your knife is in need of a new handle, this wrapping technique will really come in handy.

Every survivalist knows that a good knife with a good handle can really make life a lot easier. So pull out your supplies and learn the Strider weave technique and make a new handle for your knife!

Watch how to effectively wrap paracord around your knife for a secure handle on the video on the next page.

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  1. Nicholas Bergman said:

    Die Hard Survivor: I would liked to watch your video… However all that came up was ads.

  2. Thomas Whitten said:

    Look, I understand the paracord handle thing but I personally can not stand it. Answer this: what are you going to do if/when you remove the paracord for some other reason? That’s going to be a pretty bear handle to work with.

  3. Josh Pena said:

    Kahuna Rod, remember I had my knife wrapped this way and you wanted to know how

  4. John FYu said:

    The whole point of wrapping as a means of survival preparedness is to have a lot of cordage in a nice neat package. You don’t need to overlap and have designs, but those intricate wraps increase the amount of cordage you can store. Great example is those store bought survival bracelets. They only have about 5-7 ft of cordage. The ones I make at home can double that. Paracording is the manly word for weaving and basket making. To answer your particular question, I actually just gut out some cord and use the outer cord to make a single wrap as a base then wrap on top.

  5. Thomas Whitten said:

    John FYu Well, John, I’ve been around for a long time. I know the value of cordage as much as anyone. I’ve just never really cared for the paracord wrapped handles. Just my opinion but I feel the handles are made to conform to the hand and be easy to use. You wrap cordage around it and the effort put into to making the handle ergonomic, non-slip, etc, gets defeated. I can carry cordage in my pack, on my shoes, on my belt, on my hat, etc., so that I won’t be without cordage at any time and the true design of the handle will remain in tact. 🙂

  6. Ryu Takeru said:

    Do you offer to wrap other peoples knives, like if i wanted to hire you to wrap a few knives in the future could u do it?

    Let me know thx