(Video) How to Make the Hobo Fishing Kit (and Why it Should be a Part of Every Survival Kit)

hobo fishing kit

In just about every place on earth for at least three seasons, fishing is a sure way to get your hands on needed protein, calories, and other nutrients.

Fishing is relatively low energy if you do it right and the yield – one or two fish can make an emergency meal – is worth the effort.

But in a survival situation, if you are not in your bug out / in location, chances are you will not have your normal fishing kit at your fingertips.

In that case, an emergency fishing kit is a must and there simply is nothing easier to make, nor as effective, as the Hobo Fishing Kit.

This amazing PVC fishing kit has it all – reel, line, lures – and depending on the size you make it, can fit in a glove box, knapsack, bug-out bag or survival kit.

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  1. John Wilson said:

    or you could just find an old pocket fisherman like I’ve got and all that stuff fits into the handle