(Video) How to Make and Utilize This Incredible Primitive Fish Trap

primitive survival trap

Just about every survivalist or survival minded person knows the importance fish can play as a survival staple food.

Fish are high in protein, vitamins, and other nutrients and present just about everywhere on the planet.

In a survival situation, though, expending as little energy as possible to secure food is key to making sure you get the most out of your food.

Given that, while using traditional rod and reel fishing is certainly an option, it makes more sense to construct a fish trap to maximize your catch with as little effort as possible.

The guy in the video on the next page spends a lot of time constructing his trap, but its durability makes it worth the effort.

This incredibly effective trap is easy to build, but takes time, is very durable and versatile.

Check out the next page to see how he does it!

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