(Video) How to Make a Simple (Yet Effective) Bushcraft Knife

bushcraft knife

Any outdoorsman can tell you the virtues of having a really good knife. You use it for any number of things from shredding or cutting wood to slicing through cordage and brush. What would we do without our knife?

Better yet, how can we have a knife made to our own unique specifications? Sure, you can go out to any sporting goods store and look at many fine knives, big or small, but if you do not find something that is specific to your own wants and needs what do you do? You might consider making your own knife!

No, it’s not easy, particularly if you’ve never done it before. However, with a little practice and probably, at first, some blush-inducing language you will eventually catch on and create something spectacular!

After the break go over to the next page and watch one bush-crafter create a truly impressive knife. He has the equipment and watch what he does with it!

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