(Video) How to Make a Primitive Stone Axe Handle

stone ax

Long ago, before the advent of copper, bronze, and steel weapons, our toughest ancestors turned to resources which are far more widespread: simple stone and wood.

The innovations made at that time formed the cornerstone for all progress up to today, as we would not have been able to make many of the common tools we use on a daily basis without passing down key knowledge from generation to generation.

Of course, some knowledge has been lost along the way, and if you asked the layperson how to make a stone ax and handle, they would likely have no idea.

However, in these times of stress and peril for our society, it may one day become useful knowledge again. If not, then it may become useful in a survival situation in the wilderness.

To learn the useful skill of carving a stone ax handle using simple tools, check out the video on the next page.

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  1. Thomas Whitten said:

    Yes, I guess it’s good to know. But let’s face it: before shtf people are going to have plenty of axes. I have about 5 of them. After shtf, after people die off, there’s going to be a world of hardware stores, walmarts and sports shops just sitting there. If I need another axe, I’ll check out a hardware store first.