(Video) How to Hone Log Skills and Get Fit in the Process

log lifting

It’s a fact of life, once you’ve chopped down a tree, you need to figure out a way to carry it back to your base camp. A lot of great things can come from trees.

You use the wood to build and to also use in a fire, thus keeping you and yours warm and comfortable. Heck, the better prepper and outdoorsman can probably figure out things to do with sap and leaves too.

But the point is, you aren’t going to do anything unless you get the logs back to your shelter or base camp. You can probably make a rig of some kind and pull or push it home.

Yet, some outdoorsmen say the best way to carry wood, a tree, or a log home is by putting it on your well-padded shoulder and move along.

The examples on the next page are done with a six and nine-foot log(s). It is surprisingly easy to do as long as you do it right.

If you are in good health this truly does seem the best way to get the log home. It’s also great weight training and exercise!

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