(VIDEO) How to Effortlessly Make a Fire by Mastering the Pump Drill

Pump Drill

There are many fire making techniques out there, some very simple and others a bit more time consuming.

One day we may find ourselves out of lighters and matches and while a good prepper and survivalist will have other methods of getting that flame going they should always have an alternative waiting in the wings; something to hold onto when striking that flint, for whatever reason, cannot be accomplished.

Here we have the pump drill, an early but effective form of fire starting that works as well today as it did back in ancient Rome.

What makes it work? Greek fire? No, not quite. It has everything to do with a pump action, rope, and the right wood to use for your homemade pump drill.

After the break watch the video as an expert shows how it works and also gives us the rundown on parts and how to put the pump together!

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  1. Chris Gore said:

    Javier Smith you should link this page it has endless material! good stuff

  2. Randy Beeson said:

    I’d seen these in books and finally bought one at an Ocala gift shop for 8 bucks. The flywheel is a stick but I’ve been meaning to make my own and try to make fire.

  3. Audrey Wilt said:

    in these modern times it’s highly unlikely that we wouldn’t have a lighter or matches. but just exactly how do you drill holes in the parts if you don’t have something to drill with?

  4. Audrey Wilt said:

    rod as in metal rod? ok so where would one conveniently be located?

  5. Shane Banta said:

    I know what you mean. I had the same question. Meanwhile when someone is trying to make a hole through a rock for a counterweight, I will have a fire started off rubbing two sticks ! Lol! Notice how all the dingbat trolls rush in talking about how to make something to make something to make a fire!

  6. Brandon Brennan said:

    will definitly have to say effortlessly is a bit of an exacceration…. any friction fire takes PRACTICE!!!

  7. Audrey Wilt said:

    I went back and re watched the video, he used sandstone which is easy to make a hole in… but if you don’t have sandstone this would be pointless.