(Video) How to Easily Recycle HDPE Plastic and Turn it Into Something Useful


High Density Polyurethane, also known as HDPE, is an interesting substance we can find in the most common of household items. Think of milk cartons. These days we know we can toss them in the “blue container” for recycling but what happens after that? Most probably they are melted down and made into new cartons. Makes sense, right?

Now, thinking in a prepper or survivalists frame of mind, what can we do with HDPE to better our lives?

Once we figure out how to melt the carton or whatever other object contains HDPE – something probably not as easy as we might think – then we can concentrate on its uses. But it is the getting there that is most interesting.

After the break go over to the next page and watch a video showing us how to change those old milk cartons, melt them down, to create something completely original!

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  1. Dan N Charmaine Wilson said:

    This is exactly how I do it. I am currently in the process of turning water bottles (PP) back into oil. Never throw anything away.

  2. David Sims said:

    Cut into strips to repair plastic kayaks and storage tanks.