(Video) How to Easily Put Together a DIY Pill Bottle Survival Fishing Kit

fishing kit

If there is one thing we like, when putting together our backpack or bug-out bag – getting ready to take a hike into the wilderness – it’s packing as much useful stuff as we can.

You might be planning an overnight trip, bringing your food to be grilled over a fire, but if you are visiting a lake or river and have it in you to fish – do we have a terrific DIY pill bottle fishing kit for you!

It is compact but carries pretty much everything you need for a great time out near the dock, in a boat, or by the lake side! Even if you have a rod and reel it never hurts to have a backup in your backpack!

After the break, go to the next page and take a look at a great video. It will show you how to, step by step, put together your new bottle survival fishing kit. 

With this kit, you may not catch a 200 lb. marlin but you will catch dinner!

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