[VIDEO] How To Cut Rope Without Any Tools – This Is So Awesome!

This awesome technique for cutting rope is GENIUS! In an emergency, you need to be able to think on your feet and work with your hands! We talk a lot about improvising on this site and this post is no exception.

The ideal survivalist can use what tools and materials they have to accomplish what they need to accomplish, even if they have to improvise the tools or materials and re-purpuse them.

That said, did you know you can cut a rope without any knives or tools? Did you know that you can cut rope with rope?

This particularly amazing hack was not only “hiding in plain site,” it is just plain cool.

By using natural friction, patience and a little elbow grease, any rope can be cut in two, which could be useful if you are tied up or if you just do not have the proper cutting tools to cut rope at your avail.

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  1. Christian Saman said:

    Or you can just fabricate a cutting tool from items around you. Less time and energy expended. Not Impressed by this “skill”.

  2. David Pratt said:

    While this does work, surely not as profound and amazing as they make it out to be.
    On the other hand, I’m thinking if you don’t hand a knife, maybe you don’t deserve to survive – or at least shouldn’t admit it to anyone…

  3. Joe Stille said:

    Friction isn’t hard to understand for people that pay attention in school…

  4. Elaine Holman said:

    good mornin’
    Did you read the post?
    Survivalist technique and might be needed someday…

  5. Chadd Case said:

    …… this needs an upgrade….. I hope you learned from watching to put tape around the area you cut to keep from the rope unwinding …..

  6. Chris Owens said:

    we all hope not…but…..you hope you dont have a fire in your house either, so why is that fire extinguisher there

  7. Leone Jaxon said:

    Tie a knot on each side of the “cutting” point, and it won’t fray apart like that.

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