(Video) How to Build an Emergency Survival Shelter in Less than 5 Minutes!


In a survival situation, getting yourself a shelter from the elements is one of your first priorities (depending on where you find yourself.)

While this survival shelter will not do in extreme weather, it is more than adequate if you ever find yourself in need of an overnight place where the weather and temperature are temperate.

It is “down and dirty” but would be particularly useful if you miscalculated when darkness was arriving and needed protection against rain or dew for a night or two.

If your climate is temperate enough, you could use it as a mobile shelter many times overs.

To construct this Emergency Survival Shelter you need a tarp, four to five sticks, a few zip ties and enough paracord to string a line the length of your shelter.

Check out the video on the next page to see how to do it!

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