[VIDEO] How to Build a Thatched Dome Hut in the Wilderness

dome hut shelter

The purpose of showing you this video is to show you how to use your surroundings to get the materials you need to build a reliable, durable shelter.

According to the Principle of Three, you have about three hours in harsh elements to build yourself a shelter in order to have a chance at surviving. If the survival situation is dire enough, once you have an emergency shelter built, you must start to think of a longer-term, more permanent type of shelter.

While this thatched hut is obviously being built in a tropical or sub tropical environment, you can use materials found in less warm environments to construct the same type of shelter. Fir boughs, for example, can be used for the roof and walls.

The video on the next page is instructive in that it shows you how to build a thatch hut. Plus, it's very entertaining to watch!


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