(Video) How to Build a Self-Feeding Fire That’ll Last More Than 14 Hours!

self feeding fire

Building a fire is one thing, but building a self-feeding fire can make your outdoor experiences so much better. Not having to constantly watch and feed your fire overnight can take a huge load off and allow more time to get some sleep or prepare your shelter in any weather.

Did you know that you can build a fire that can last you the entire night without any maintenance?

In today's video tutorial on the next page, you'll learn the full-proof technique to building a self-feeding fire that will last you over 14 hours! The process is a lot easier than you think.

Check out the video on the next page to find out how you can make a self-feeding fire with a few supplies!

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  1. Joe Wade said:

    Doesnt work well at all. The whole pile and rack end up catchin n burnin…

  2. Chris Bell said:

    Seems to me that the whole thing would burn at the same time