(Video) How to Build a Relaxing DIY Off Grid Hot Tub

hot tub

Just the thought of owning your own hot tub is enough to give a normal human being satisfied chills. Just think about those winter months, when it’s freezing cold outside but you have a hot tub on your back porch, something you can step into and not just get warm but have all those tensions melt away, perhaps with the help of a small glass of wine. Ahhhh!

Oh, and spring, summer, and fall should never be ruled out either!  What luxury!

On the next page, Tom Green demonstrates how to build a cedar wood hot tub.

The Brit allows us to follow the crafting process, starting with a plank of cedar wood and the desire to do something with it!

Then, we watch his construction, a fascinating DIYer’s journey to be sure, and how he finally completes the tub and we see him take a much-deserved dip!

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