(VIDEO) How to Build a Paiute Deadfall Trap That Native Americans Have Used for Thousands of Years

Paiute Deadfall Trap

Take a look and listen closely at the detail Jeff gives us when constructing this trap. If you are ever stranded in the wilderness for an undetermined amount of time this knowledge and the way to use it may save your life! Plus, this is also a good skill to learn when SHTF. You never know when you may need to utilize a useful trap to get some dinner!

We sincerely appreciate Jeff giving us a tip on how to make the killing of the animal a bit more humane. We have no doubt it must be done to provide food but it is good to know the animal will not suffer for an excessive amount of time if the latter method is used.

Have you used this trap before? It's a good idea to practice building a trap like this now, so that you'll be prepared when SHTF!