(Video) Hiking on a Budget: How to Decide Where to Save and What to Splurge On

Protective Zip Lock Bag

When it comes to hiking, camping, and bugging out we seriously understand the issues. Honestly, we are not the wealthiest person in the world and often feel left out when seeing some preppers and survivalists who can put hundreds of dollars into their way of life.

We wish we could too but sometimes paying the rent has to come before that new rain, hurricane, and earthquake proof tent we’ve been dying to get our hands on!

In other words, we must be practical and, come to find out, there are others out there just like us. Maiu, a hiker from Estonia, completely understand the dilemma and her videos are a delight to watch for this and other reasons!

After the break, go to the next page and watch as she advises us on many low-budget items to take along on our next hiking adventure.

She has seven (7) hiking tips, each better than the next, and while she is well aware that you get what you pay for she also knows how to budget until the day you can afford a better version of what you currently have!

Go take a look!

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