(VIDEO) Here’s How to Suture Yourself Shut When SHTF

suture technique

Understanding how to suture is a skill that you never know if it will come in handy in regards to stitching a wound.

You must know how, however, if you want to be prepared for whatever a survival situation throws at you. You never know when SHTF if you'll step on some glass, fall on a tree stump, get attacked by a wild animal, or have to deal with a friend getting hurt. Luckily these videos will teach you how — or at least give you some idea — as to how to suture yourself or a friend in trouble.

Understanding the basics is key to being able to suture a wound safely, hygienically and effectively; practicing on a piece of meat is one very effective way of learning!

Knowing how to suture is one of those skills you hope you never have to use on a person, least of all yourself, but also has other practical applications.

I have used my knowledge of how to suture to mend tarps, sow tears together, even to affix two tarps together in order to make a wind-break for a shelter.

But the best thing about the skill is knowing if you have to use it on a person, you know what to do!

How could you utilize the ability to suture effectively beyond its obvious purpose? Tell us below.