(VIDEO) Here’s How to Harness Solar Energy by Making a DIY Solar Furnace Under $50!

solar power

Solar energy is ideal for your bug out cabin – it’s free, releases no pollution to run, and it can be an excellent resource in the middle of nowhere.

If your bug out home is in a sunny location, and you don’t require excessive energy use, solar power can be used alone for your energy needs.

Many people are hesitant to embrace the beauty of solar because of how expensive it is to install in the home. A solar furnace, which is much cheaper than installing solar panels and harnessing solar energy that way, still retails for up to $200. And that doesn’t factor in the expense of setting it up.

If you’re looking to save some cash, you can actually install a solar furnace in your home for under $50! Take a look at the video on the next page to see how to do it.

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  1. Ray Tate said:

    i filled a black box full of sand/gravel and a 75′ black hose, put a low voltage pump in line, ran it to the pool, on a closed system, almost to warm.