(Video) He Utilized 2 Logs and a Rope. Just How Clever This Trick Is? Unbelievable!

cordage and logs

When speaking about survival and prepping we often refer back to the “old days” when man did not have the new-fangled gadgets of their descendants.

We do this for obvious reasons. When the SHTF we will, no doubt, be on our own – without electricity and a minimum of gasoline, kerosene or fuel of any kind.

In other words, all we do will be made from handheld devices, things we have stored away, or what we find in the wilderness.

With this in mind, there will come a time when a survivor or bush-crafter will need to move something heavy and if you are not fortunate enough to have five brawny men about to help then you will need a homemade wench of some kind.

If you have two logs and cordage, your worries are over!

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Or – at least – a very heavy truck!

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  1. Dwayne Germain said:

    Just watched the video! Awesome! I will definitely need this one day ! Could have used this in the past too

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