(Video) He Takes Out a Drill. How He Uses it to Fish? Now I’ve Got to Try It!


You might think that you're up a creek without a paddle if you've forgotten your fishing pole and gear during your outdoor adventure.

However, with the right materials, you'll be able to fashion a pretty awesome and super efficient fishing pole out of just a power drill and fishing line!

Believe it or not, the guy on the video was able to do just that, and he can demonstrate just how easy it is!

So when SHTF, you'll still be able to survive and thrive. Just wait until you see how easy it is to make this power drill fishing pole. You'll never go hungry again!

Watch and see how one guy can fish using a power drill on the next page! Now that I know how he uses this fun trick to fish, I can't wait to try it!

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  1. Don Lee said:

    Yes, because when I go fishing i make sure to have my cordless drill . but not my rod and reel….seriously how is this even a post?

  2. Tyler Fais said:

    The whole point of this is being craft what if the rod broke? Exactly gotta think crafty

  3. Scott Daniel said:

    And if you had an power outlet adapter, parked your vehicle next to the water and used an old house fan. Just cut the blades off, tape on some fishing string so it can’t slip off. Rap it up and then throw out the slack after you put a hook and bait on it. Then you can turn the fan on and real in fish too when they bite.

    Don’t forget to pack a vehicle, house fan, tape, a/c adapter in your buggout bag. 😀

  4. Andrew Richards said:

    Or maybe I can tie the line to the rear tire of my truck, jack the truck up and gun the engine when a fish bites

  5. Joe Phinney said:

    Fun till your battery dies. I’ll stick to my reliable fishing rod