(Video) He Shows Us His Spring Rain Tarp Setup. How it Turns Out? What an Incredible Idea!

man setting up tarp

The tarp is an essential item that every camper or survivalist should own. It's truly a versatile item that will make your overall outdoor experience a little easier.

If you've felt discouraged to go camping in the rain it's normal, but if you follow this man's technique you can come up with a shelter that can keep you dry and help you potentially enjoy a nice time even though it's raining.

Have you tried setting up a tarp in the snow or rain? If you have, what was your experience?


  1. Nick Brash said:

    Need to get myself a decent sized camo tarp as I’ve only been using my green poncho for shelter, what size (dimensions) do you think is adequate enough for good size shelter. They have got the eyelets around them so you can hook a bungee to the tarp and hook round a tree for quick release with some paracord in there also……