(Video) He Shows Us an Effective and Amazing Way of Removing a Tree Stump:

stump and drill


You had a professional come by and take down the big tree in your front yard. It was a beauty but simply got too big for the neighborhood. Or maybe it was starting to rot, potentially cause a serious hazard to those around you. You were conscientious and your neighbors, for the most part, appreciated and respected the thoughtfulness.

But now you have a tree stump. They didn’t tell you it cost extra to get rid of the stump. But that’s okay. You are fit and simply have to bring out a pick, a shovel, an axe and in a few hours that stump will be history.

Five hours later, sweating, exhausted, and ready to bury that axe in the neck of a neighbor who, eyeing you with humor, says you did not get too far, you are stumped (get it?). He’s got a point, sadly enough. There has to be a better way – and there is.

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You have too many things to do in your life. Spending a good portion of it on a tree stump should not be one of them!

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