(Video) He Shows Us a Variety of Poncho Set Ups. Just How Clever Some of These Techniques Are? Amazing!


Anyone who has ever camped out for a night or two knows what it is to have a great tarp or, in this case, a terrific military grade poncho with grommets. It doesn’t just keep the elements off of you while you are walking but can also make terrific shelter when you finally do settle down for the night.

Some survivalist have one way they like to set-up their protection and that is perfectly fine. If it has worked for you time and again we understand.

However, there is definitely more than one method to set up a shelter with a tarp or poncho and we would like to show you what they are! Interested?

Go over to the next page and look at a great video that shows you a multitude of ways to use your coverage. Personally, our favorites are #3 and #7 but that is just us! Go on over and take a look!

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  1. Brent Morgan said:

    I’ve slept under these in the feild many times, they work great.