(Video) He Shows Us a Better Way to Cut Firewood. How Efficient it is? I Wish I Would Have Tried This Sooner!

cutting firewood

Self-sufficiency means being able to do things yourself and relying a lot less on standard services as part of your daily routine.

One aspect of that for many people is being able to heat their domicile and in some cases, being able to heat and provide hot water via a wood stove or wood furnace.

If you have ever done this beyond having a fireplace for special occasions, you know at the very least it is a lot of work, requires a ton of time and can be very dangerous, especially if you are cutting and splitting your own wood.

As such, you jump at any tool or method you can make or buy to make cutting and splitting wood easier, safer or quicker.

The tool the guy in the video on the next page creates to be able to cut medium sized branches quickly, safely and easily is nothing short of amazing; check it out!

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