(Video) He Built an Igloo Shelter by Himself. How it Turned Out? I’m Awe-Struck!

igloo shelter

For winter survival, it is hard to beat a well-constructed igloo.

Tents in cold weather can succumb to many different things, including collapse under snow, retaining moisture or fire. They also can be very cold if you are stuck in one for a long time.

An igloo uses snow to insulate against all of the above and if constructed properly, can be used for weeks, if not months.

Construction of an igloo, however, requires planning and precision as well as a constant review of the work done to ensure the igloo remains structurally sound.

Merely heaping snow blocks on top of each other is dangerous and can lead to collapse.

A poor construction can leave the occupant vulnerable to exposure to the elements, which can lead to hypothermia and worse.

The video on the next page will show you how to build an igloo that is safe and secure.

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