(Video) He Brings Out a 9-Volt Battery. What He Does Next? This Clever Survival Hack is Hard to Believe!

9 Volt battery

Most preppers have heard of the DIY survival 9-volt battery and steel wool hack that's used to start a fire. This fire starter is such a staple for preppers and campers that many keep a 9-volt battery and steel wool in their survival bag because they know it's highly probably they will need it.

But what many people don't realize is that a 9-volt battery can also be utilized for other survival projects. Matter of fact, with some MacGyvering, we can cleverly use it to power up some electronics.

For this particular project, you will need wire cutters, aluminum foil and don't forget the 9-volt battery. As you assemble this project, you'll be amazed at how you can harness the power of a simple battery that'll be used to power up any device.

This will be very useful for bugging out and a pivotal SHTF situation.

On the next page check out this can be done by watching the video. Trust me — this is one survival hack you'll want to try out! 

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  1. John Grover said:

    well if the SHTF, lot of 9volts sitting on the ceilings of many homes.

  2. Steve Fairweather said:

    The batteries are not coated coupled with the aluminum ball this is actually a little risky the batteries will likely ground out creating a short at best you’ll fry the circut at (absolute) worst it potentially could burn you

  3. Jared Miller said:

    I’m not going to waste my time watching.

    Is this the video where the guy works for 6 hours straight using $15 worth of parts to make something that works half as good as this that you can buy at any gas station for $2?

  4. Eric Turgeon said:

    Was it a lithium battery did he cook meth? I refuse to click this garbage anymore the comments are where its at

  5. Brandon Curnutte said:

    We can harvest them from abandoned homes in the smoke detectors after the zombies get here

  6. Chris Bolton said:

    That was stupid, I was waiting for some incredible new idea and use, yet I fell flat on my face with how simply dumb this post was, how about taking apart a “AA” battery to use the nail inside as a cotter pin for something useful, just an idea.

  7. James Lawson said:

    With how bad this guy shaking, I’d say he’s going through withdrawals.

  8. Den Niko said:

    Learn something new every day. Rather watch these types of videos than to watch the bs of politicians on tv

  9. Roy Saxton said:

    Funny stuff, the last time I opened up a 9 volt batt it was an alkaline batt and it was filled with black goo. But, things change! Clever idea to check out!

  10. David Webb said:

    When I opened one , I found cells stacked horizontally. Not like this one with cells vertical.

  11. Derek Vail said:

    Ironic, cause because of the politicians, you might have to really use these skills one day.

  12. Michah Mccullough said:

    Don’t$#%&[email protected]*with 9v unless you know what you’re doing. You can seriously blow fingers off with them if you’re dumb enough. Don’t strip the casings off of batteries. I’ve seen enough 18650s fucking explode.