(Video) Get a Glimpse into a Man’s Winter Canvas Tent With a Wood Stove – It’s Incredible!


How many times have you been out enjoying the winter and thought how wonderful it would be to have a warm and toasty tent to go back to?

Perhaps even one with an awesome wood stove that you could cook your belly-warming dinner on?

This couple decided to do just that, and they haven't looked back. Even in temperatures pushing thirty-below, their enormous canvas tent can stay toasty warm with a roaring fire in the hearth.

Now, when they get in from enjoying the outdoors and tearing up the trails, they can kick back with a cold one while firing up a thick juicy steak over the flames.

Does this sound like the life for you? Then maybe you should take a look at their build and take some notes.

After splitting some logs, you could be living the good life, too. Check it out on the video on the next page.

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  1. Jeffrey Scott Wise said:

    if only large construction companies would replant what they take down for another Target.

  2. John Lara said:

    Should be labeled GUY CHOPPING WOOD AND TALKING that’s all

  3. Jeffrey Scott Wise said:

    i would bet your home took a few tree’s to be taken out. i agree with you, but consider the statement.

  4. Charles David Chalmers said:

    I lived in a big tent for four Canadian winters with my wife and two young children. The big secret? The stove runs 24/7 for six months straight…

  5. Mac Jones said:

    Have used one for over 50 years during elk season Oct. thru January in Colorado and Wyoming. We call it an outfitters tent, 10X12′.

  6. Don Gill said:

    Brought back many old memories of winter camping with my big tent, wood stove and snomobiles…………….

  7. Jerry Steward said:

    Looks like an Aarmy squad tent. I always banked the snow around the bottom where the wind cound get in ! 🙂

  8. Alvin Petty said:

    i use a tee instead of a elbow on the out side with e small bucket attached to the bottom of the tee to catch any creosote so you dont end up with it dripping on the side of your tent if you get a hold of green wood .

  9. Patrick L Miller said:

    he walked in and i was expecting to see 4 rooms 2 upstairs room for 12 seating for 16……..apparently i watch harry potter too much

  10. Spike Colvin said:

    a bit too spartan for my taste..spent some time in aa7-man army tent in the high country in Colorado….it was colder than cold the first week….found a liner and a small heater threw some old carpet on the floor and had a pretty comfy camp the rest of the year.

  11. Steve Hopwood said:

    I was expecting more on the details of setting this up, I know how to split wood & grill s steak.

  12. Richard Honeysett said:

    Looks just like our old Elk Camp, right Bob Isenheart and Ray Barber… Oh the memories of the Ingersol and the 70-80-and 90’s

  13. Cg Vanhorn said:

    I have a 14 × 18 wall tent like this with a wood stove and in one cor a complete

  14. Cg Vanhorn said:

    To con’t in one corner a complete kitchen set up. Also have bunk beds to sleep 4. Whst this set does not have is a second tarp over the top raised about 6 to 8 inches above the tent to prrvent snow collecting on the tent canvas to keep it dry and it also provides an air gap thst helps insulates the tent. Although I have not spent nights at 30 below, we have spent many nights with 6 to 12 inches of snow at10 to 15 below and could stay in tent with only tee shirts on, very comfortable.

  15. Dan Conrad said:

    I have a coupe of these white wall tents we take elk hunting, the only way camp in winter.

  16. Sue Virtue said:

    Jaimie James here is a winter retreat for you and family this x-mas.

  17. James Heffley said:

    You run out of the tent. Get on the Snowmobile and get the hell out of there.