(Video) Forget Camp Fuel and Glue. Find Out Just How POWERFUL Pine Tree Sap is for Survival.

pine sap

When it comes to surviving out in the wilderness, pine resin is one of the more useful resources you can should go out of your way to obtain.

In fact, before the invention of modern glue, pine resin glue was what many trappers, pioneers, and Native Americans used in their tool and shelter building, as it offers a waterproof seal and is very simple to concoct and store.

Not only can pine resin be used for glue, but it also makes an excellent fire starter and can even be used to create a torch or an improvised lantern so that when you have to do your business in the middle of the night, you don't go tripping all over your campsite.

To learn how to use pine resin to your advantage, take a look at the video on the next page.

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