(Video) Everyone Needs This SHTF Tool. Here’s Why:

winch tool

When SHTF, having the right tools to get you and your family through the tough times ahead is going to be what sets you up and apart from the rabble who will be scrambling to get their acts together when they've failed to plan for the inevitable.

You may know what some of these tools are, but there's always the chance that you've overlooked something crucial. Something that'll help you move heavy loads with minimal effort.

If there is a log across your trail, this tool will move it out of your way with ease. If you need to lift massive beams into place when working on your bugout home out in the wilderness and need a way to do it without fuel or power, you'll definitely want the tool in question.

Still unsure what tool we're talking about? Check it out in the video on the next page to see how it works.

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