(Video) Every Prepper Needs to Learn This Crazy But Genius Survival Method Of Catching Small Fish!

catching fish

Honestly, before we started to read up on surviving, prepping, bush-crafting, homesteading, and doing some training in all previously mentioned movements, we had never heard of many of the methods that outdoorsmen use regularly. RE: Fishing.

One of these is the “pipe method” of fishing and it is if truth be told interesting to watch. This is a great technique if you do not have a rod or reel with you but, somehow, do manage to have some hollow tubes available! And, since when do you not have hollow tubes in your car, right?

In this case, our host over on the next page in from England and is in search of the small brown trout that inhabits a local lake. He and his son show us how it is done then we get to come back and see if any progress was made.

After the break go to the next page and watch what they do. Is it really possible to catch the same fish twice?

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