(Video) Don’t Throw Away Those Cans! Here Are 8 Simple Survival Can Projects That Are Absolutely Brilliant!


If you enjoy an occasional soda or other soft drink, drinking it out of a can is the most common way of doing so.

You probably don't even think twice about it, but before you know it, you're tossing those empty cans in the trash.

You should really hold on to them! Why? Well, the answer will surprise and benefit all you preppers. There are so many ways to make the most out of empty soda cans.

This video will show you 8 survival projects that you can work on with your empty cans. With a bit of creativity and some extra cans, you can up your survival game!

Find out what you can do with your extra aluminum cans on the next page!

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  1. Curtis Lyn Rice said:

    Cool but you might not have a tea light candle. Use the tab to hold a paper match etc with baby oil or other stuff. JS.

  2. Randy Peek said:

    Had to make a candle last night because I was low on matches and had no lighter. So kept the flame going with this Frankenstein candle.