(VIDEO) Descend These Steps and Check Out a Top Secret Survival Shelter You Can Own


If you've been wanting your own shelter for quite some time, then you're going to appreciate this one. Located 20 feet below ground, this shelter will keep you safe from harm when SHTF. This underground fallout shelter is incredible! Take a look!

Isn't this shelter amazing?! A decontamination room with an airtight door AND an escape tunnel? I can't get over the fact that it comes with a master bedroom. Not everyone may be able to afford this bug out home, but it's definately inspirational and it will keep you safe from the elements when doomsday is here. At the very least this belongs on a survival inspiration board.


  1. Brad Tetu said:

    Where’s the galley..??? Food storage..?? Not impressed…

  2. Mark Kuhns said:

    Would be nice to have a nice place to build one maybe after I sell my house in raytown

  3. Floki Rothbrok said:

    Their good points only work if they are not found. Works ok if you are using them as a storm shelter, or storage. If the shtf you better be the only one that survives that knows about them, because your friends, cousins, neighbors, the people that helped you build it are going to remember it. Best it would be a do it yourself project even if took a couple years.

  4. Andy Ulrich said:

    Most people can’t think outside the box to hid such a build though.

  5. Andy Ulrich said:

    It’s much easier to build a cache than a bunker and keep it secret.

  6. Floki Rothbrok said:

    Andy Ulrich Very true, most people don’t have the room to put something like this. You could always tell your Nosey neighbors that your digging a swimming pool. Then after its finished, tell them you changed your mind and covered the hole up. Lol . Also if there is a nuke attack you may survive in the bunker but sooner or later you got to come out into the radiation that’s left. It comes down to if you are in the wrong place in relation to where the nukes hit your choice is die fast or die slow.

  7. Mike Williams said:

    Park a truck on the hatch and abandon the scene and its party over. Better have an alternate escape door

  8. Clayton Hinman said:

    How about making a artificial rock ,tree Trunk , or some other realistic cover over the hatch .

  9. Mark Piontek said:

    Couple shipping container welded tkogether buried half down with extra steel plating ,gun ports and second access out

  10. Charles J Fernandes said:

    You’re locked away in your new bunker, generator fails, air ventilation shuts down, lights go out, survailence/ command center goes down. So you open the hatch to go check the generator, party over???

  11. Scott M. Romig said:

    Death trap… Kinda like a roach motel… They check in … But never check out

  12. Angelo Aimone said:

    I always wanted to live in a culvert with ten other people !!! FUNNNNNNN

  13. Cruz J Juan said:

    And Hilary is endorsed by yet another hate group the blm so I guess it’s ok right

  14. Roger Sadler said:

    Parks Marsh In 30 years of building BOL’s for people I am yet to see one let alone more than a hand full of people who could afford one. And think the system you are reffering to is a CO2 Scrubber.

  15. Smee Deans said:

    No I’d place a car over it so entrance is in the boot that stands out pillage me !!!!

  16. Missy McKinney said:

    Nice death trap with the generator start button in plain view….I d I o t

  17. Mark Greer said:

    Really a big screen tv. Space could’ve been used for something needed. Ammo.

  18. Amy Raymond-Thomas said:

    Fantastic, were is your food stored and how is waste disposed of. Especially human waste. Also how do you get water?

  19. Darrol Jones said:

    What good is a bomb shelter when you come out to a desecrated world.

  20. Adrien N Debe Coates said:

    I don’t know, the rust factor is what bothers me. Like in what 10-20 yrs you will have to replace it do to rust.

  21. Gary McKela said:

    10 people would kill each other after 20 days in there! No food, supplies, guns?