(Video) Constructing a Stone Axe Tool With Only Using Primitive Tools

stone axe head

If you need to cut down trees for fire, wood, or a shelter, you can make this incredible stone axe using materials found in the wild!

When the SHTF and you are forced to abandon your home, it is important to know how to make useful tools with the supplies you have on hand or can find.

If you don't carry an axe in your bug out gear and are in desperate need of one, you can make an incredibly useful stone axe with materials that you have around you.

It takes some work and patience but this amazing video shows you what to do.

All you need is a few primitive tools that if you are living outside for any length of time, are all around you.

Just gather a flat river rock, find a big stone boulder, and another rock for shaping and cutting the axe.

It really is that simple!

Once this project is completed you will have a perfect stone axe that will help you cut down trees you can use for a fire or to make a shelter.

This stone axe may take some patience and hard work to make but it will get the job done and isn't too bulky to carry around!

To find out what you need to make a bushcraft stone axe, visit the next page and check out this incredible video that will demonstrate everything you need to do. 

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One Comment;

  1. Thomas Whitten said:

    Stone axe, yes. Break a rock correctly and you have a knife. Arrow heads too. It’s a part of the environment so use it!