[VIDEO] Check Out This Awesome Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife

We all know that a dependable knife is critical in a survival situation and SHTF moment.

Without a reliable knife, your life becomes much more difficult and in some cases, your prospects for survival are vastly reduced (that is why on those survival shows one of the essential items the survivalist is allowed to carry is almost always a knife or a multi-tool with a knife as part of it.)

Bear Grylls is a survivalist whose escapades have made him world famous. He is well known for putting himself in situations to demonstrate how an average person can navigate through them safely.

He has teamed up with Gerber, which as most survivalists know, is a world renowned knife maker out of Oregon, USA (a subsidiary of a Finnish company now.) This paring has produced what Bear says is the ultimate survival knife.

The video on the next page covers the knife and everything that is included with it.


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