[VIDEO] Check Out These Homemade Weapons: What’s In YOUR Arsenal?

At the core of every successful survivalist, is an inventor and innovator – someone that can look at an everyday item and envision how to modify it for another purpose, can see a pile of junk and see treasures they can make or can imagine how to build something useful from scrap.

Each weapon showcased in this video is fairly simple to make and inexpensive.

Also, since they are weapons, they can hurt you or someone else. Use extreme caution when building the project or using it. Don't be “that guy” we read about and who has to live with unforeseen consequences because he was “just messing around”.

The video on the next page shows several, legal weapons using common items found in just about every garage or basement that virtually anyone can make, whether you are “handy” or not.


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  1. James Allen said:

    I have some good ideas and designs if shtf , like a 12 gauge shotgun shell hooked to motion sensor if you venture on my property

  2. Bob Lawrence said:

    I’m almost crying I’m laughing a ” taser ” from a disposable lighter ummm ya

  3. Joe LauLetta said:

    What is this? A 15yo kid’s tutorial on how to get your$#%&!@*beat?

  4. William Sills said:

    The U.S. Government printed up all kinds of good stuff on gorilla warfare back in the day all available under the freedom of information act of 1974. 😉