(Video) Check Out How to Use a Primitive Weapon Called the Shepard’s Sling. This is Insane!

primitive sling

Assuming you know the story of David and Goliath, you know how a small shepherd boy used a primitive sling to hurl a pebble between the eyes of a giant of a man and killed him, securing a victory for the Israelites against the Philistines.

When you were a child, and you heard the story, there was a good chance that the ‘slingshot' you imagined was like the ones we use today, featuring an elastic band and easy aiming.

Of course, elastic bands not having been invented at that point, this wasn't the case. The ancient slingshots of the past were much harder to aim, but much, much more powerful.

To get an idea of just how powerful it can be, check out the video on the next page and learn how to use one of these excellent weapons.

You may even want to add it to your bugout kit after this.

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  1. Graham Wright said:

    Wear one wrapped around the wrist for instant access , pick up pebbles from a stream bed or beach that are smooth & rounded . Practice , practice , practice .

  2. Ray Slote said:

    Looks like a good weapon to learn. Easy to make and pack, and there’s a huge supply of rocks. Going to have to look into one of these