(VIDEO) By Learning These Pertinent Survival Skills, You Can Make Cordage From Natural Materials

twist cordage

Cordage is one of the most valuable survival tools you can have. With it, you can weave nets, construct a shelter, thatch a roof for your shelter, construct a raft, make snares, set up triplines, etc. The list pretty much goes on to infinity.

Cordage is worth more than its weight in gold to the survivor. This is why so many preppers carry rolls of paracord, replace their bootlaces with paracord, wear paracord bracelets, wrap everything they can in paracord, and everything in between.

For the sake of argument, though, let's assume you don't have any paracord on you? What will you do now?

The only option you have is to make your own cordage out of whatever materials you have at your disposal, like grasses or underbark.

Making your own cordage is a valuable trick used by our ancestors, and it's one that should be known by every would-be survivor. Check it out on the next page.

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