(VIDEO) Build Your Own Every Day Carry Mini Survival Tin

tin survival kit

Having a take-anywhere survival kit that meets all of your survival need sounds at first like an enormous hassle. After seeing many of the survival kits that many people put together and those sold on the market, it can be difficult to imagine yourself carrying one of these bulky kits in your pocket or purse. However, we also see a lot (like thousands) of uses for Altoids tins.

With the use of one of these handy tins, whether it be a full sized tin or a mini one, you can create your own EDC (every day carry) survival tin that you can have on you at all times just in case SHTF. Disaster can strike at any moment in any way imaginable. You could be at work, at the store, or on the road. If things do go sideways, you'll want the gear to improve the situation.

To learn how to put one of these handy EDC survival tins together for yourself, proceed to the next page.

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  1. John Danger said:

    I agree stamps to get ahold of loved ones well a natural disaster just happened I’m in survival mode let me write a letter and mail it hope the mail man don’t call in sick in a disaster lmfao fucking dumb made me not like this page