(VIDEO) Bring Your Survival Game to New Heights With This Celt Stone Axe That You Can Make From Scratch

celt stone axe

Before the advent of metallurgy, ancient people made a lot of use of different resources to construct their weapons and tools. The most common resource was that of stone.

Different regions of the world utilized different methods, and the tools were adapted to make the most efficient use of the properties which their local rock had to offer. One such example is the Celt Stone Ax.

This utilizes a large stone blade which is shaped and sharpened into a wedge for maximum chopping power. The blade is seated within a heavy wooden handle, essentially the exact opposite method used in most axes today. This tool allowed people to cut down trees more efficiently for firewood, shelter, and more ax handles.

If you find yourself up the creek without a paddle–or axe–use the methods on the next page, and you'll be chopping like Paul Bunyan before sundown.

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