(Video) Break Into a Master Combo Lock in Just Seconds – We Have the Secret Code!

open a master lock

We all have a little pride when we can do things that others cannot. My cousin’s “cool thing” was being able to break into a car when we locked our keys inside. He’d grab a wire hanger and have that door open in seconds!

Confidentially, I could never figure that one out but he was a pro at it. We suppose that should have given us pause to wonder about that kid but we chose to ignore our fears and bask in the glow of his talent!

Another great ability is in figuring out the key to open-up combination locks when the numbered key eludes you. We cannot tell you how often, back in those high school days, when we had a locker with a stubborn combination lock!

We really could have used a smart person around that knew how to get into our locker when the combo was not readily available!

Obviously, we would never recommend this for illegal activities but knowing the ins and out of a combination lock, how you can open it with a minimal amount of numbers, is something that could really be handy during a crisis situation!

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