(Video) Banned in America: 10 Items People Cannot Buy in the States!


When we think of America usually we think of a country that's free. As the ultimate symbol of freedom, it's hard to imagine anything being banned, right? Well, guess again!

Believe it or not, there are several items that people aren't allowed to buy or bring into the states. If you had to guess what they are, could you? The items that aren't allowed might surprise you! It's everything from candy, toys, pants, and more obvious things, such as chemicals.

To discover what items are banned in the US then you'll need to check out the video. Just wait until you hear about number 8! It's hard to believe that anything can be banned in America, but they are!

Watch and find out what items you can't get in American on the video on the next page!

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  1. Anonymous said:

    number 1 is totally fake. Those candy eggs are sold at damn near every gas station I have ever been to. saw them when i went to get a drink last night.

  2. Brooks Walker said:

    I think y’all are referring to Cadbury eggs. The ones shown here are different. Could be wrong

  3. Anonymous said:

    Nope, little chocolate egg with a capsule inside the egg with a toy inside the capsule. saw one again today when i stopped for a drink. totally sold inside the U.S. and readily available.

  4. Tyler Hanson said:

    Kinder Eggs are banned in the US. Any brand you see at Walmart is different, even if it is essentially the same thing

  5. Adam Stewart said:

    Yes, real freedom. #1 on the list was bullshit, so I stopped there.

    In Singapore it was illegal to possess chewing gum. Now it requires a prescription from a certified doctor.

    Some middle east countries, well, trust me…

  6. Steven Edward Seaton said:

    Do your research dumbass. Absinthe is now legal WITH wormwood in the U.S. and has been since 2013.

  7. Adam Rohrbach said:

    Not only was this good info but this guy is very entertaining as well . Great job hope to see more videos!