(Video) An Easy Way to Sharpen a Knife is Something Everyone Already Has Access To…

knife sharpener

We all love our pocket knives. They are key when SHTF. However, we may not always carry around with us our blade sharpeners. What can you do?

Well, believe it or not, we all have access to one of the best knife sharpeners ever! That's right. You will most likely never leave home without this.

Find out how you can make your blades razor sharp again with this neat hack. Sharpening your favorite pocket knife has never been this easy!

In fact, you might even ditch your owl blade sharpener for this instead. When SHTF, this hack can really put in some work!

Watch and find out how you can sharpen your knives with this amazing hack on the next page!

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  1. Jordan Chapman said:

    Its a good trick for honing an edge, saw this video a couple years ago 🙂

  2. Brett Adams said:

    Do not believe everything you read on the internet, while this may knock some minute Nick’s and groves off of a knife blade ANY imperfections in the blade or glass edge will result in a shattered window in your car, a sharpening stone or even a smooth rock would do a better and less costly job for you.

  3. Gerald Dubois said:

    Pffft. Easier better more comfy “hack” take the lid off your toilet, sit down and be comfy while you sharpen your knives. Your welcome.

  4. David Mathis said:

    Been using car windows for years. Never hurt a window yet and will get a knife sharp